The Protection You Need

The Protection You Need

Automatically protect your web privacy to deter spammers, hackers and keep your identity secure.

Automatically protect your web privacy to deter spammers, hackers and keep your identity secure.

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Your Privacy Matters

Googling your name or address will show you a wealth of information about you. Information you never agreed to share. This information is available to whoever wants it from criminals to marketers, all looking to make a quick buck.

We Protect Your Privacy By Removing Your Personal Information From Websites


Your home is your fortress. InfoShield helps keep it secure.

Phone Numbers

Tired of harassing calls from marketers, scam artists and hackers?


Keep your inbox clean and your spam folder empty.

Active Privacy

We continually check these sites and more to make sure your information isn’t populated again.


Join The Thousands Of Satisfied And Protected Customers

After searching myself on Google and finding hundreds of websites with my personal information available I began looking for something to actively protect my privacy — InfoShield has removed hundreds of listings and I feel safer for it. Thank you.

Aaron L.
Aaron L.
Baltimore, MD

As a recently divorced mother of two I was sick of the calls and mail from debt collectors hunting down my ex — I even tried changing my number but after a few months I was being bombarded once again. InfoShield is the only thing that has stopped the relentless calls. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Shaina B.
Shaina B.
Memphis, TN

I’m a private person and have no more than a bank account to pay my mortgage — but I was horrified of the information that was freely available about me online. InfoShield has limited my web presence so I can feel secure about my privacy.

Eric N.
Eric N.

Privacy Protection Offers

Your data and information is available to anyone freely online right now. We believe you deserve more control over your privacy and data.


$ 15 /mo

Manual Removal
Top 15 Listing Engines
Privacy Scan
Dark Web Scan
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– Our best protection custom designed to fit your exact needs and security requirements
– Daily active protection
– Best for executives, politicians, media targets, and those interested in ultimate privacy protection

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10 steps to improve your online security and stop hackers

We at InfoShield are obsessed with online privacy and security. Join us and we’ll share with you the top secrets to keeping you and your family safe, private, and secure.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this a subscription service?

Unfortunately new sites pop up all the time that share your data that is ‘publicly’ available from offline entities. Even sites we work with will scrape information that will include your already deleted information.

This means active protection is required to keep a low web presence.

Can I do anything to prevent my information from being displayed?

Unfortunately no —  your data is publicly available through freedom of information acts and the only way to limit the privacy concerns you have is active protection by professionals. We developed this service out of our own needs of privacy protection, spam limiting, and concerns over the data shared about us and our children.

How does InfoShield work?

We monitor dozens of the ‘top’ websites that scrape and buy personal data and then share it without concern or thought to privacy. Working directly with these sites to remove your data and to actively ensure that your data is not displayed again.